Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've been so busy lately and haven't blogged at all. It is still very new for me to update my personal blog. Everyday I check my favorite blogs and You Tube videos and I have so much fun keeping up with them!

Last week was our Spring Break and we had great weather. The girls and I played outside and did some Easter activities. We colored eggs, well, I colored eggs and the girls kinda watched. We colored with sidewalk chalk and enjoyed each other.

I've been having problems with my Meniere's (an inner ear disease that causes extreme vertigo) and have been bedridden about three times in the last seven days. I am scheduled to get a shot in my eardrum on Thursday. Hopefully that will help. I'm anxious to get that over with and on the road to recovery. I loathe being bedridden and completely dependent on others to take care of my family.


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