Monday, August 23, 2010

A bad photo of some HERO cards I made

I am so bummed I have been having camera trouble for about a month. Of course, this happens now! My baby girl just turned one year old and she just started toddling around without the help of furniture and I try to get pictures and wouldn't you know, my camera is busted?!$&!!

Oh well, I will put that on the "Much Needed" items list. I did take a picture of ten Hero cards I made (albeit a crappy photo) that I put together yesterday. I plan on writing a note inside and sending these cards in a shipment for OperationWriteHome. I'm also planning on hosting a very small card making get together at my home on Sun Sept 12th for some girl time and card making for our troops. I will probably make some card kits with a Halloween theme using my new Mini Monsters cart. I am seriously considering doing something on my blog that day as well since it is a birthday bash for OWH. Would anyone like to join me??

Gotta support our troops!!

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