Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello again!

I am finally back in my little world of reality. We returned home from Hilton Head, SC early early Sunday morning after spending a whopping 16 hrs in the car! It is normally a 12 hr trip but thanks to a 2 1/2 hour wait in construction traffic in NC and several roadside potty breaks we finally stumbled in at 1:30am. Let me tell ya, I felt like a zombie!

I have already made a double LO and a single LO for our vacation scrapbook. I will post pics after I take some with my (new to me) camera. My Mom and I switched cameras because she doesn't like hers anymore. Fine with me - hers is newer and it is a Nikon CoolPix.


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  1. Welcome back! So I know you are a TV fan... Rescue Me has just returned and MAD MEN July 25th!! Whoa! (These are the only shows I watch on TV!!)